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Registration (Congress/Workshop )

Click to see registration types and bank account information.

Beyond All Limits Congress 2018 offers seven workshops. Click to see Workshops’ titles, organizers, and descriptions. 

Step 1: Registration Type

  • Full Registration and Student Registration includes "Participating in the Congress", "Participating in a Workshop", and "Organizing a Workshop".

    Workshop Participation includes "Participating in a Workshop" only.

    Workshop Organization includes "Organizing a Workshop" only.

Step 2: Select a Workshop


Step 3: "Proof of Status" for Students

  • If you select "Student Registration" in Step 1, please upload your "Student Certificate" to prove that you are a student.

    If you do not select "Student Registration" in Step 1, please skip this step.

Step 4: Proof of Payment: Banker's Receipt


Step 5: Personal Information